Totems are objects that are extremely common in the Farmlands that are created by Gobba. They come in a large variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and are used in the Fang Gang's Log Toss (and technically their Mixel Toss) games. Some totems hold cubits, notably Fang Gang cubits.

Types of TotemsEdit

  • Smiling Totem (holds a cubit)
  • Monster Totem
  • Fang Totem
  • Crazy Totem
  • Cyclops Totem
  • Buck Tooth Totem
  • Kraw Totem (kind of)
  • Mega Totem (appears in Wrong Colors)


  • They can also be used to scare away invading Nixels, as seen on the Meet the Fang Gang cutscene in Calling All Mixels.
  • One can rack up points in Log Toss by hitting them.


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