180px-Ceramic TigerScorp

Looks a little too angry.

The Ceramic Tigerscorp is one of Shuff's ceramic figurines.


Tigerscorp has the white and purple head of an albino tiger and the purple body of a scorpion. Like the Piranharex and Porciocobra, it has yellow teeth. Its head has purple stripes on it, and it's scorpion body has a striped tail.



Tigerscorp appears alongside Porciocobra and Piranharex in the first few seconds of Mailman.


  • It looks extremely enraged.
  • It slightly resembles Scorpi.
  • It is probably the third ceramic figurine collected out of all three, the second being Porciocobra and first being Piranharex.
  • It is a hybrid.

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