Spiky Desert
Spikel Land
Inhabitants Spikels
Features Desert floor,
spiky cacti with flowers

The Spiky Desert is a location in Mixels Land where the Spikels live. It has Sunflower-infested, spiky, enormous cacti that are found all over the desert.

Calling All MixelsEdit

In Calling All Mixels, the Spiky Desert is designed to look like a topiary garden. The sunflower cacti are not as plenty, and instead, shrubs cut into heart and popsicle-shapes are most common. They are decorated with ribbons, hats, sunglasses, and moustaches, and often have hair curlers and combs near them. Outdoor tea tables, vegetables, watering cans, bicycles, and fountains are also in the area, and there are some desert parts with sand art printed onto the sand.


  • The flowers are apparently very bouncy.

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