The Spikels are a fun-loving tribe. Too bad they are spiky, hence the name. They are tan in color. The fun-loving Spikels think of themselves as cute and cuddly, often forgetting they're covered with dangerous spikes.


  • Scorpi - The cute but always scared leader who likes slumber parties and chatting.
  • Footi - The tall one with huge sharp toenails who loves to dance.
  • Hoogi - The slow but curious one who likes hugs.



The Spikels and the Infernites are neutral.


The Spikels and the Cragsters are neutral.


The Spikels and the Electroids are neutral.


The Spikels and the Frosticons are neutral.

Fang Gang

Chomly loves the Spikels, but he doesn't like hugging with them.


The Spikels and the Flexers are neutral.

Glorp Corp

The Spikels may like each other and are considered best friends, but Scorpi is scared of Glurt.


The Spikels may like the Wiztastics.


The Orbitonz have not appeared in the show yet.


The Glowkies have not appeared in the show yet.


The following list is of episodes in which all three members of this tribe are seen.


  • Their leader is Scorpi.
  • All three of them have large knife-like appendages: Scorpi has two on his tail, Hoogi's fingers/claws resemble them, and Footi has two on his head and his toe nails (which appear similar to talons) resemble them as well.
  • Footi, and sometimes even Hoogi is mistaken for the leader.
  • They are based around spikes. At the same time, Footi has spines.
    • Some believe they are also based upon the element of sand, as they are tan and live in a Desert.
  • Some people would expect their polybags for their LEGO sets to be tan, when they are actually silver.
  • They are one of three tribes to not have any cycloptic members, alongside the Frosticons and Fang Gang tribes.
  • Their names all end in "i".
  • Their tribe name is a pun on the word "Spike" and "Mixels".
  • Their Max is a large spiky creature.
  • They seem to dislike Nixels the least out of all the tribes, as in Calling All Mixels, some of their upgraded attacks end with them inadvertedly harming Nixels by running up to hug them, or from the hugs themselves.


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