326px-Get Your Rock Pops

Volectro and Kraders's mix serving Rock Pops.

Rock Pops are a food from Mixel Land.


Rock Pops are a combination of rocks the Cragsters eat and Electroids "Zap Zaps". They look like the rocks produced by the Seismo/Zaptor Mix in Another Nixel.


Bar B CubesEdit

When Volectro has his "Zap Zaps" fall in Krader's rocks, he is angry at first, but has an idea. So, they mix and set up a stand to give away free samples of Rock Pops.


  • They are a parody of the popular candy Pop Rocks.
  • Gobba really likes them.
  • They can only be made with the correct Cragsters/Electroid Mix.


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