180px-Ceramic PorcioCobra


The Ceramic Porciocobra is one of Shuff's ceramic figurines.


Porciocobra has the large and long body of a cobra and the quills of a porcupine. It's body and head are a shiny blood orange color, while it's spines/quills are a faint red. Like the Ceramic Piranharex and Ceramic Tigerscorp , it's fangs are yellow.



The Ceramic Porciocobra appears alongside the Piranharex and Tigerscorp in the first few seconds of Mailman.


  • It is probably the second figurine collected, the first probably being the Piranharex.
  • It is a hybrid.
  • Its quills resemble a mane, except it doesn't go all around its head.

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