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First appearance Nixel (episode)
Last appearance  ?
Tribe Nixels
Gender Undefined
Color Black and White
Special features Size
Likes Breaking Cubits
Causing mischief
Dislikes Mixels
Being kicked by Major Nixel
Quote "Nix nix nix nix nix!"
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Nixels are the dark, uncreative, uncool enemies of the colorful, creative, cool Mixels and the primary antagonists of the Mixels franchise. They are led by Major Nixel and reside in the Nixels Land.


  • In Calling All Mixels, they are the main enemies and will attack your base at times.
  • There are three different variants of Nixels in the LEGO sets, and one set for each Mixel tribe includes a Nixel. They come with Vulk, Krader, Teslo, Slumbo, Chomly, Balk, Glurt, Hoogi and Magnifo.
  • Nixels are mentioned by Zaptor in his jokes in Pothole.
  • They are simliar to Cogs in Disney's Toontown Online, in how they both hate creativity and fun.
  • It is shown in Real Colors when they though an ice sculpture was Major Nixel that they might not be very bright.
  • It is theorized that each of the three variations of the Nixel's armor represents a rank in the Nixel swarm.
  • Originally, the Nixels were going to be various shapes, and not all of them being cubes.
  • A reccuring motif of the Nixels is whtie circle with a Nixel hand giving a thumbs-down sign in it. It decorates Nixel Land and is the symbol on their flag and Major Nixel's staff in Calling All Mixels.