The Mountain City, also known as the Electroid Kingdom, is a location in Mixels Land and city high up in the
180px-The Electroid Kingdom
the mountains; Mixel Mountain to be precise. There are also tall buildings, power lines, and poles. It is home to the Electroids.


Calling All Mixels

In Calling All Mixels, the Mountain City is shown as a giant dance club. The ground is lit light a dance floor with multicolored checkered panels. Large windmills are found around the area, which gives the city its energy. Strewn around the area are multiple stand-up arcade machines and subwoofers.


  • The sun here is a giant lightbulb.
  • The reason the Electroids settled here was to be closer to the lightning storms.
  • If one of the Cragsters dug through the earth while in the Mine, they would end up in this region, as proven by Krader in Electrorock.

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