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The Magma Wastelands are the location in Mixels Land where the Infernites live. It is mainly volcanic.

The Infernites have their home in the magma wastelands near the center of the earth, a place full of molten lava, rivers of fire, and lots of lovely smoke. So far, nobody else has dared to travel into this molten homeland. In fact, just thinking about it might cause third degree burns!


Calling All MixelsEdit

In Calling All Mixels, the Magma Wastelands are shown as a beach-like area. Sandy beaches cover many areas, with lava pools instead of oceans. Various beach equipment such as beach chairs and towels decorate the area.


  • Other inhabitants include small flame-like entities with eyes.
  • There are large lava lamps that can be seen in the background of multiple scenes of the Magma Wastelands.

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