Magic Tent
Wiztastic Land
Inhabitants Wiztastics
Features Colorful signs, tent

The Magic Tent is a location in Mixels Land where the Wiztastics live. It is filled with signs, lights, color, magic, and more. It may look small on the outside, but inside it has many wondrous things to observe.

Calling All MixelsEdit

In Calling All Mixels, the Magic Tent is set up like a circus. Theater seats are on the sidelines, and tents and empty lion cages are found around the area. Large floodlights, film canisters, cotton candy, and popcorn pieces also decorate the area as well.


  • Inside the tent is a performance area with a stage.
  • It is the smallest tribe land, albeit not being a land but a tent.
  • Behind the purple W at the front of the entrance is a mysterious looking eye.
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Magic Tent