Kraw Is Cool

250px-41515 Kraw

First appearance Cold Ice Shower
Last appearance  ?
Tribe Flexers
Gender Male
Color Orange
Special features One eye
Six legs
Long tentacles
Likes Quizzes
Dislikes Nixels
Quote "Gosh, I'm bored."
Voice Actor Phil LaMarr

Kraw is a Flexers Mixel. He is also one of the main characters.


Kraw is the leader of the Flexers tribe. He is short in stature, but giant in ego and thinks to be the smartest Mixel ever. Kraw loves to challenge everyone to a duel of wits and his main strengths are his size, shape, and elasticity which he uses to turn into a bouncy ball.


Kraw is a very smart Mixel, with the drawback that he knows that he is smart and lets it go to his head. However, he does have moments of stupidity, often denying and forgetting that he had these moments until they are brought back up to him. He is a bit overdramatic and has a tendency to yell and panic easily, making exaggerated facial expressions while he does this, which sometimes startles others that happen to be near him at the time.