Hamlogna Sandwiches are food from the Mixels Land.

Hamlogna Sandwich Clip


Hamlogna Sandwiches, being a mix of ham and bologna sandwiches, have meat that looks more like bologna than ham and bologna combined. The sandwich usually has tomatoes and lettuce in it. In LEGO form, it is made with a 2x2 pink circular plate in between two 2x2 tan plates.


Mixed Up

In "Epic Comedy Adventure", Zaptor eats all of the sandwiches at the Mix Festival, causing everyone to get angry with him and go to find more.

Later, in "Murp Romp", Flain, Zaptor, Chomly, and Lunk are seen eating hamlogna sandwiches at a picnic, before the Wiztastics show up for their show.


  • It is Zaptor's and Jawg's favorite food.
    • It's possible for Jawg to eat them in a large pile.
  • It is never helpful for anything. Because of this, it is one of the most useless foods in the Mixels Land.
  • Flain hopes there are hamlogna sandwiches at a party in Calling All Mixels.
  • Hamlogna sandwiches are more common than any other food so far, and have their own episode.
  • They look different in Hamlogna Conveyer Belt Madness. Instead of having lettuce, tomato, and other toppings, they are simply made of two slices of bread and hamlogna slices. It is possible that the Mixels could add toppings to it after they receive the basic version.
  • The known Mixels that like it are Jawg, Zaptor, Flain, Chomly, Tentro, Lunk, and Kraw.
  • They might be a parody of Bologna Sandwiches.

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