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Forx is a Mixel from the Weldos tribe.Forx’s enthusiasm for destruction sometimes gets the better of him, causing him to smash some things he didn't mean to.


Forx is mostly yellow in color. He has a hunched over body with a black and grey stripe running through it. A red light is on his rear. His head is yellow on the top, and points back. He has two small buckteeth that point downwards. There are two grey bumps on the top of it. He has an eye on each side with thick grey eyebrows. A steering wheel-like design is on the side of his face as well. His bottom jaw is large and grey with a rocky texture. His arms are long and yellow, and widen at the edges. They have a grey section in their fronts and grey pincer hands connecting them. The left one holds onto a grey chain. His legs are short, grey, and bow forwards. He has semicircle-shaped feet that are black in the front and bottoms.

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