Cupcakes are a food found in Mixels Land. They are popular with Nixels.
180px-Nixel cupcakes

Description Edit

The cupcakes appear as vanilla frosted cupcakes in black cupcake liners with pieces of black licorice on top of them. They seem to be very disgusting and dull-tasting, probably because Major Nixel baked them. However, he declares them perfect thanks to the Nixels believing uncreativity is a good thing.

Background Edit

Calling All Mixels Edit

Cupcakes first appear in Calling All Mixels as a weapon that the Nixels use. Cannon Nixels have them as their ammo and shoot them with the push of a button. They can travel far distances and deal a lot of damage to the Mixels that get hit by them.

Mixed Up Edit

In "Epic Comedy Adventure", Major Nixel, too tired to follow his Nixels in capturing the leaders, heads back to the Mix Festival to bake cupcakes. As soon as the color and Cubits are restored, he finishes and announces what he says are "perfect cupcakes". The Gobba/Flain Mix samples them, but declares something is missing to them, which infuriates Major Nixel. It turns out what was missing was "his face", as the Mix overturns the table and smashes the cupcakes into his face.

Trivia Edit

  • Cupcakes are the third food that is not mixed, the first being Ice Cream and the second being Cake. They are also the first to have been made by Nixels.
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