The industrious miners known as the Cragsters live in a vast network of tunnels and caverns dug deep underground. They are grey in color.



Krader - The serious and no-nonsense leader.

Seismo - The timid and easily frightened foot fighter.

Shuff - The cute but dim-witted one who breaks everything with his body.



The Cragsters (especially Seismo) are best friends with Flain, and they often play Rockball or ride on Lava Slides together. However, they dislike Zorch (Seismo dislikes him the most), to the point where some of them are scared to Mix with him at times. However Krader is neutral towards him.


Shuff and Volectro seem to have a good relationship, along with Krader and Volectro. The rest is neutral.


Everything is neutral so far.

Fang Gang

Everything is neutral so far.


There have been rumors that the Flexers don't like Krader, but there has been no confirmation, so far.


  • Their leader is Krader.
  • They are based upon the element of stone/rock.
  • Seismo and Shuff hate Zorch, but Krader doesn't seem to mind him.
  • Their Max form only has four teeth.
  • They are not very intelligent, for they can only speak simple words and have bad grammar (speaking in third person). However, they are very cunning.
  • They invented Rockball as a sport for Mixels Land.
  • Seismo is often mistaken as the leader.
  • The name "Cragster" is a play on the word "craggy", which is defined as "rough and uneven", describing rocks.
  • Their Cycloptic member is Seismo.


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