Cookironies are a food in the Mixels Land.


Krader holding a cookironi.


Cookironies, being a mix of cookie and macaroni, looks like a bunch of macaroni together to form a cookie. The colors of the macaroni on a cookironi are either yellow and orange. They also have things that look like chocolate chips.



All the Mixels in Series 1 likes the cookironies very much. They realized that Krader has the last cookironi. So, they fight over the cookironi. In the end, Zorch got so dizzy that he sat on the last cookironi. Everyone was disappointed, until they saw a Nixel eating a box of cookironi. So now the Mixels are chasing the Nixel.


  • They were to give the Cragster Max health in the Cragster game on
  • They're similar to a chocolate chip cookie.
    • They appear to be quite unhealthy, as they are technically a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with macaroni. This also might make it an obsessive junk food, as the Mixels fought over it crazily.
    • It has the word cook in it.


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