A coconapple.

Coconapples are a food from the Mixels Land.


Coconapples, being a mix of a simple coconut and apple, have the top half of a Granny Smith apple and the bottom half of a brown coconut. They are said to be very crunchy.



Seismo is seen trying to reach a coconapple, and struggling in the process. Zorch then comes by, only to be explained how Seismo can't get his coconapple. They then mix, cause a series of events, and then, the coconapple bonks on Seismo's head, knocking him out, and then gets eaten by Zorch.


Coconapples are seen hanging from a tree in the zoom out of the landscape while Zaptor is talking about the problems the pothole brings to the environment.
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  • It is one of the mixed foods in the Mixels Land.
  • It is presumably healthy.
  • So far its apple part is only seen in green show-wise, but it is possible it comes in red and gold/yellow.
  • It is seen in Seismo's mirror video.
  • In Calling All Mixels, flaming Coconapples are seen.
    • Their leaves are not burnt, and it is unknown why they aren't as this normally doesn't happen.
  • They are grown off Pipe Trees.
  • It is unknown of their individual density, as a real-world coconut falling on one's head would cause death due to their thick shells.

A flaming coconapple-- note the red top

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