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First appearance
Last appearance  ?
Tribe Fang Gang
Gender Male
Color Brown
Special features Large teeth
Mouth capable of storing numerous objects
Likes Log Toss
Dislikes Nixels
Quote "Log Toss!"
Voice Actor Billy West

 Chomly is a Fang Gang Mixel.


A member of the Fang Gang, the tribe with the biggest appetite, this close talking Mixel has a very bad breath. So you wouldn't want to be stuck next to Chomly at a Fang Gang food party, but his stinking breath comes in very handy for repelling Nixels! A lethargic trash compactor, he'll eat just about anything that's not nailed down.


  • He has a gold tooth. This is because of his habit of eating anything, so he bit into something and lost his tooth, the gold tooth replacing it.
  • Occasionally, drool may appear on the bottom of Chomly's mouth. This is shown in his video on the Mixels website.
  • His name is a play on the word "chomp".
  • He is the Fang Gang Mixel to come with a Nixel.
  • He seems to have very derpy eyes.
  • He can pull a lot of things out of his mouth, like a cake, and a log, or Cubits
  • This makes him the Season 1 to appear in the cartoon series.