The following is a list of cut scenes that appear or are unlocked in Calling All Mixels.

How to UnlockEdit

There are bonus clips that can be unlocked throughout the game by finding presents within the levels. There are two types of presents: There is the purple and orange square present, and the blue rectangular present. The blue rectangular present has a 25% chance of giving the player a random item (Cubit, etc.), a bonus clip, LEGO Mix/Murp picture, or building instructions for a Mix, Max, or a Murp. The player will also get a specific bonus clip depending on what character they unlock, level they beat, or land they discover.

List of CutscenesEdit

  • Infernites
    Game Intro
  • Meet The Cragsters!
  • Meet The Electroids!
  • Meet The Infernites!
  • Oh No! Nixels!
  • You Found A Rainbow Cubit!
  • Let's Use A Cubit
  • Meet Flain
  • Meet Krader
  • Meet Seismo
  • Meet Shuff
  • Meet Teslo
  • Meet Volectro
  • Meet Vulk
  • Meet Zaptor
  • Meet Zorch
  • Flain Is Upset
  • Shuff Is Upset
  • Zaptor Is Upset
  • Crazy Nixels
  • Nixel Stampede
  • Nixel Attack
  • Let's Roll Away
  • Nixel Close Encounter
  • Meet the Fang Gang!
  • Meet the Flexers!
  • Meet the Frosticons!
  • Meet Balk
  • Meet Tentro
  • Meet Kraw
  • Meet Gobba
  • Meet Jawg
  • Meet Chomly
  • Meet Flurr
  • Meet Lunk
  • Meet Slumbo
  • Chomly Is upset
  • Lunk Is upset